Von VARZ 429L Side by Side Fridge -20NHK

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  • Capacity: 429L
  • External digital control panel
  • Black glass finish
  • Super cool mode
  • Super freeze mode
  • Smart & eco modes

Von VARZ 429L Side by Side Fridge -20NHK is equipped with several features designed to provide efficient cooling. In addition, buy Von VARZ 429L Side by Side Fridge, -20NHK from Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.


With the freezer section at the top and the refrigerator compartment below it, the Von VARZ 429L Side by Side Fridge -20NHK ?429L has a total capacity of 429 liters. The arrangement makes it simple to access frequently used refrigerated items.

Von VARZ 429L Frost-Free

The frost-free feature eliminates the need for manual defrosting. Evidently, it does this by preventing the buildup of ice and frost inside the freezer compartment.

External Digital Control Panel

It allows you to easily adjust and set the refrigerator’s temperature and other settings without needing to open the doors. In addition, it also makes it easier and saves energy by reducing opening the fridge all the time.

Black Glass Finish

Von-20NHK comes in a sleek black glass finish, adding a modern and stylish look to your kitchen. Moreover, it makes sure that it blends well with your kitchen space while giving a class at the same time.

Von VARZ 429L Super Cool Mode

It is designed to quickly lower the temperature inside the refrigerator, allowing you to cool down items rapidly. Furthermore, it is advantageous since it makes sure it saves on time and electricity.

Super Freeze Mode

The super freeze mode serves a similar purpose as the super cool mode. Nevertheless, the freezer compartment helps to freeze items faster. Lastly, when it comes to saving on energy the Von fridge is the fridge for you in this economy.

Smart & Eco Modes

20NHK the refrigerator might offer different operating modes to optimize energy efficiency and cooling performance based on your preferences and usage patterns.

Von VARZ 429L Glass Shelves

These shelves are designed to hold and support food items and containers securely while also providing a clear view of the contents inside the refrigerator. Moreover, the Safety glass shelves are less likely to break or shatter if something heavy is accidentally dropped on them, making them safer for everyday use in a household setting.

Interior Light

It comes with an interior light, illuminating the inside of the refrigerator when the door is opened, making it easier to find items, even in low-light conditions.


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Von VARZ 429L Side by Side Fridge -20NHK

KSh 135,000.00KSh 139,000.00 (-3%)

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