Von VAMS-20MGW Microwave-20L

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  • Solo microwave
  • Power: 700W
  • Capacity: 20 Litres.
  • Mechanical Control
  • 6power levels
  • Strong glass door
  • Grey interior cavity
  • Extra large cavity space
  • Normal cooking programs (power and time setting)
  • Push button door opening
  • Easy-to-clean interior

Von VAMS-20MGW Microwave-20L offers basic microwave functionality for heating and defrosting food items. Buy Von VAMS-20MGW Microwave-20L at Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.


Von VAMS-20MGW Microwave-20L has a 20-liter capacity, providing ample space for reheating and defrosting various food items. Furthermore, this is more than capable of assisting a big family when it is a big household.

Microwave Power

It operates at 700 watts of microwave power. Moreover, this kind of heating is suitable for most heating and defrosting tasks.

Selector Knobs

Von VAMS-20MGW Microwave-20L?does feature two selector knobs. Indeed, the microwave features one with a black finish and one with a silver finish.

Push Button Opening Mechanism

The microwave door is equipped with a push-button opening mechanism. Furthermore, this makes it easy for one to access one’s food.

Glass Turntable

Inside the microwave, there is a glass turntable that rotates to ensure even heating and cooking of your food.

Defrosting Function

Von VAMS-20MGW Microwave-20L includes an amazing feature known as the defrosting function. Furthermore, this can be used to thaw frozen food items quickly and evenly.

Manual Timer

The microwave has a jog dial with a 30-minute manual timer. What more, you can set the cooking time by turning the dial to the desired duration.

Power Selector Knob

The power selector knob allows you to choose from 6 power levels, including Low, Defrost, Medium-Low, Medium, Medium-High, and High. Furthermore, these power levels determine the intensity of microwave heating.

Durable Glass Cavity Door

The VAMS-20MGW 20l microwave is equipped with a durable glass cavity door. In addition, the glass is not only sturdy but also easy to clean.

Easy to use

It has user-friendly controls with options for adjusting cooking time, power levels, and preset programs.

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Von VAMS-20MGW Microwave-20L

KSh 11,150.00

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