Von 90L Mini Fridge- VARM-11DHW

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  • 90L direct cool refrigerator
  • Tropicalised compressor
  • Thick thermal insulation
  • Large vegetable box with moisture control
  • Deep utility door pockets
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Ice and egg tray provided
  • Recessed door handle design

Von 90L Mini Fridge- VARM-11DHW is a compact and convenient appliance suitable for small living spaces, and dorm rooms, or as a supplementary refrigerator for storing beverages, snacks, and a limited amount of fresh food.


Von 90L Mini Fridge- VARM-11DHW? has a total capacity of 90 liters, providing adequate space for your cooling needs. Furthermore, with this kind of size, it’s enough for a smaller household and one gets the same experience as others are experiencing.

Direct Cooling

This is a traditional method that is found in refrigerators that tends to do an amazing job. Cool air is circulated naturally without the use of a fan or complex cooling systems. Lastly, it is the best when it comes to small refrigerators.

Freezer Compartment with Flap Lid

The best thing about this feature found in the Von 90L Mini Fridge- VARM-11DHW is that it allows you to store frozen items, such as ice cubes or small frozen goods.

Vegetable Box

The vegetable box is a dedicated compartment for storing fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, helping to keep them crisp and fresh.

Adjustable Glass Shelf

An adjustable glass shelf provides flexibility in organizing your items within the refrigerator. Furthermore, you can customize the shelf height to accommodate different-sized items.

Transparent Door Racks

They provide convenience when it comes to storage for bottles condiments, and smaller items. Furthermore, this allows one to easily see and access what you need.

Recessed Handle Design

The recessed handle design is a space-saving feature that allows for easy opening and closing of the refrigerator door without protruding handles.

Lock and Key

The lock and key feature adds security to the refrigerator. Furthermore, it prevents unauthorized access or tampering with its contents.

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Von 90L Mini Fridge- VARM-11DHW

KSh 26,295.00

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