Von 248L Fridge VART-36NHS

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  • 248L no frost refrigerator
  • 5-year compressor warranty
  • Large vegetable box with humidity control
  • Extra-large chiller compartment
  • Deep utility door pockets
  • LED lighting in the fridge compartment
  • Tampered glass shelves in fridge compartment
  • Twist ice tray
  • Egg tray provided
  • Recessed door handle design
  • Silver finish
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Von 248L Fridge VART-36NHS refrigerator is designed to provide efficient cooling, and convenient storage, and comes with additional features for user convenience.


The fridge has a capacity of 248 liters, providing ample storage space for your food and beverages. Furthermore, it is ideal for a small household to ensure that your things are chilled at all times.

Double Door

Von 251L Fridge VART-36NHS features a double-door design. In brief, it has doors that separate compartments of the fridge and freezer sections meaning you use the freezer when you want to without disrupting the refrigerator area.

Vegetable Box

Von 248L Fridge VART-36NHS features a large vegetable box with humidity control. Secondly, this is designed to keep vegetables fresh by controlling the humidity levels within the box, creating an optimal environment for preserving the quality of your produce.

Twist Ice Tray

The refrigerator comes with a twist ice tray for convenient ice cube production. Moreover, on those days you want a chilled drink this will come in handy.

Door Pockets

These door pockets provide additional storage space on the door for items like bottles, jars, or other smaller items. In addition, it allows for organized and convenient storage of items in your Von refrigerator.

Chiller Compartment

This compartment is designed to keep certain items, usually those requiring cooler temperatures than the regular refrigerator section, chilled and preserved.


In addition, it is a convenient space for items like dairy products, meats, or beverages that benefit from being stored at a slightly lower temperature than the rest of the fridge.


Von 248L Fridge VART-36NHS has LED lighting that provides bright and efficient illumination inside the fridge, making it easier to see and organize your food. What’s more, it is energy efficient in comparison to traditional lighting


It comes with adjustable or tempered glass shelves that help organize and maximize storage space

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Von 248L Fridge VART-36NHS

KSh 70,000.00KSh 80,000.00 (-13%)

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