Von 12Kg Washing Machine-VALW-12TSX

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Von 12Kg Washing Machine-VALW-12TSX is a 12kg top-load washing machine you’ve described that offers a range of features and options for effective and convenient laundry washing. Buy Von 12Kg Washing Machine-VALW-12TSX at Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.


Has a capacity of about 12kg which means you can be able to wash your weekly clothes in one setting. Furthermore, even with a small family, you can still be able to wash one round without repetition.

Diamond Glass Soft Landing Lid

The soft landing lid design ensures that the lid closes gently and quietly. Furthermore, this prevents any accidental damage or loud noise.

Stainless Steel Inner Drum and base and Pulsators

Von 12Kg Washing Machine-VALW-12TSX?comes with a stainless steel drum which is durable and resistant to rust. Furthermore, this gives you a guarantee that it will have a long span meaning you save money.

The use of stainless steel in critical components enhances durability and reliability.

In-Built Drain Pump

The in-built drain pump helps with efficient water drainage during the washing and rinsing cycles. What’s more, it does ensure that no backlog causes a waste of time and unnecessary anxiety.

Power Memory Function

This feature likely remembers the previous settings. Furthermore, it makes it convenient to use your preferred settings for future washes.

2 Water Inlets

The washing machine has two water inlets for both hot and cold water. Furthermore, it allows you to choose the appropriate water temperature for your laundry.

Fuzzy Logic Washing

Fuzzy logic technology optimizes the washing process by automatically adjusting settings based on the load size and type of laundry.

Premium Lint Filters

Von 12Kg Washing Machine-VALW-12TSX?comes with four premium lint filters to help capture litter and debris. Furthermore, they assist in preventing it from settling on one’s clothes during the wash.

Detergent and Softener Dispenser

These dispensers allow you to add detergent and fabric softener conveniently. What’s more, it ensures that they are distributed evenly throughout the wash.

Bleach Dispenser

The bleach dispenser allows for easy and safe addition of bleach to the wash cycle when needed.


The washing machine offers 10 washing programs, including standard, normal, gentle, speedy, strong, pre-set, soak, wash, rinse, and spin. Furthermore, this provides versatility for different laundry needs.

Water Level Options

There are 10 water level options to choose from. Furthermore, it allows you to customize the water usage based on the load size.

Special Options

The machine includes 5 special options. For instance, we have warm water, water reserve, tub clean, 60 minutes air-dry, and 90 minutes air-dry, to cater to specific requirements.

Child Lock

The child lock feature ensures that the washing machine settings remain secure and cannot be changed accidentally. Furthermore, this prevents children from interfering with the operation.

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Von 12Kg Washing Machine-VALW-12TSX

KSh 74,595.00

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