Von 10Kg Washing Machine-VALW-10FVK

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  • BLDC Inverter motor
  • A+++ Energy rating
  • Steam assist function
  • 1400 Rpm
  • Foam Protection
  • Unbalance auto control
  • Overflow protection
  • Delay timer function
  • 15 wash programs (Cotton 40, Cotton 60, Cotton Pre-wash, Eco 20, Synthetics, Wool, Delicates/Hand wash, Rinse, Allergy safe, Spin, daily 60, Rapid 12 minutes, Rapid 15 minutes, Jeans, Sportswear, Duvet)
  • 10 Additional functions (Pre-wash, Rapid wash, Easy ironing, Extra rinse, Anti Allergic, Stain level setting, Temperature setting, Spin speed setting, Delay time setting, Stain removal: Sweat/ Coffee/ Oil/ Mix stains)
  • Detergent and softener dispenser
  • Touch control panel
  • Ecologic system (limited load sensing)
  • With child lock function

Von 10Kg Washing Machine-VALW-10FVK is a front-load washing machine you’ve described comes with a range of features and options designed to provide efficient and convenient laundry washing. Buy Von 10Kg Washing Machine-VALW-10FVK from Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.


Von 10Kg Washing Machine-VALW-10FVK has a generous 10kg capacity, suitable for handling larger laundry loads. Furthermore, it is more than able to carry a whole load of clothes in one sitting without difficulty.

BLDC Inverter Motor

The BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) inverter motor offers improved energy efficiency and quiet operation. Moreover, no one likes noise when you just need a peaceful wash and this washing machine does that for you.

A+++ Energy Rating

This high energy efficiency rating indicates that the washing machine consumes less energy. Furthermore, this can help one be able to reduce utility costs in this economy we are living in.

Steam Assist Function

Von 10Kg Washing Machine-VALW-10FVK?comes with this amazing feature that provides the option to add steam to the wash cycle. Furthermore, it can help remove tough stains and sanitize clothing.

1400 RPM

Spin speed is an amazing feature that is more than capable of assisting you in saving time. What’s more, VALW-09FVK comes at a maximum speed of 1400 revolutions per minute meaning that water is extracted hence reducing drying time.

Wash Programs

Washing Machine-VALW-10FVK offers a total of about 15 wash programs. Equally important, it has options like Cotton, Eco, Synthetics, Wool, Delicates/Hand wash, and more. Lastly, these programs help in catering to different kinds of laundry.

Additional Functions

It includes 10 additional functions, such as Pre-wash, Rapid wash, Easy ironing, Extra rinse, Anti-allergic, Stain level setting, Temperature setting, Spin speed setting, Delay time setting, and Stain removal. Furthermore, this allows for one to customize it in a way that suits your current laundry needs.

Detergent and Softener Dispenser

The built-in dispensers make it easy to add detergent and fabric softener at the appropriate times during the wash cycle.

Touch Control Panel

The amazing thing about this feature is that it makes it so easy for the user to select their setting program thanks to the friendly user interface.

Eco-Logic System (Limited Load Sensing)

The Eco logic system likely includes load-sensing technology to optimize water usage based on the size of the laundry load. Furthermore, it helps in contributing to water and energy efficiency.

Foam Protection

Foam protection helps prevent excessive sudsing during the wash cycle. What’s more, it does make sure that one gets to have effective cleaning.

Unbalance Auto Control

This feature helps detect and correct imbalances in the load to prevent the machine from vibrating excessively.

Delay Timer Function

The delay timer function allows you to set a specific start time for the wash cycle. Moreover, this is very convenient when it comes to scheduling their laundry.

Child Lock Function

The child lock function ensures that the washing machine settings remain secure and cannot be changed accidentally. Furthermore, it prevents children from interfering with the function.

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Von 10Kg Washing Machine-VALW-10FVK

KSh 77,995.00KSh 85,995.00 (-9%)

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