Von 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine-VALW-10MFW

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  • Semi-Automatic, Twin tub
  • 10kg wash,5kg spin
  • 15minute wash timer
  • Spinning speed: 1400RPM
  • Rat-Proof Base
  • 2 Washing Programs
  • Durable and stylish knobs
  • Transparent Top Cover
  • Pulsator washing
  • Convenient and compact filter
  • Low-noise motor system

Von 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine-VALW-10MFW is a semi-automatic washing machine with various features designed to provide efficient and convenient laundry washing and spinning. Buy Von 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine-VALW-10MFW at Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

Von 10kg Twin Tub Type

This washing machine is a Semi-automatic twin-tub washing machine. Moreover, this means that it has two separate tubs -one for washing and one for spinning. In short one area you spin other you wash.

Wash Capacity

Has a capacity of about 10 which means you can be able to wash your weekly clothes in one setting. Furthermore, even with a small family, you can still be able to wash one round without repetition.

Spin Capacity

The spinning tub has a capacity of 5 kilograms, suitable for efficiently removing excess water from your clothes. In addition, it saves time when it comes to your clothes drying off in the shortest time possible.

Von 10kg Twin Tub Wash Timer

The machine includes a 15-minute wash timer, which allows you to set the desired wash duration.

Spinning Speed

It has a spinning speed of 1400 revolutions per minute (RPM). Furthermore, this helps in effectively drying the clothes during the spinning cycle.

Rat-Proof Base

The rat-proof base is a practical feature to prevent rodents or pests from accessing the machine. Rats can cause destruction which in turn gives you a loss like no other and with this washing machine, you can be assured you won’t face such.

Von 10kg Twin Tub Washing Programs

VALW-10MFW? machine offers 2 washing programs, which may include different settings for various types of fabrics or laundry loads.

Durable and Stylish Knobs

It is not just about durability when it comes to the knobs of the 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine-VALW-10MFW. Furthermore, it is aesthetically pleasing since it gives a very nice touch like no other.

Transparent Top Cover

The transparent top cover allows you to monitor the washing and spinning processes without having to open the machine.

Von 10kg Twin Tub Pulsator Washing

This is a technology that creates water movement inside the washing tub to effectively clean clothes. Furthermore, one thing you can rest assured that the clothes are going to be thoroughly clean.

Convenient and Compact Filter

The filter helps in trapping lint and debris from the laundry, keeping the machine and drainage system clean. Without a doubt, no one likes to see that kind of dirt collection in a washing machine it is disgusting, keep in mind you will not encounter such.

Low-Noise Motor System

The low-noise motor system minimizes operational noise, which can be especially beneficial if the washing machine is located in a shared living space.

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Von 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine-VALW-10MFW

KSh 31,000.00KSh 34,500.00 (-10%)

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