Simfer 5 Gas Cooker-9506NEI

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  • Cylinder Compartment
  • 5 Gas SABAF Euro Type Pool Burners
  • Triple Wok Burner 3.6 Kw
  • Electrical Oven with Fan (0+6 Functions)
  • Double Glass Oven Door
  • 1 Oven Tray
  • 1 Oven Grid
  • Glass Top Lid
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Turnspit
  • Flap-Open Drawer Lid
  • Oven Lamp & Auto Ignition for Hob
  • Mechanic Timer
  • Cast Iron Grid & Wok Stand
  • FFD For Hobs
  • Half Inox (Sides Are Silver Color Painted),

Simfer 5 Gas Cooker-9506NEI is a versatile and feature-packed kitchen appliance. Buy Simfer 3 + 1 GAS Cooker -6312NEI at Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

Bottle Compartment

9506NEI has a compartment that is designed to hold bottles securely. Furthermore, this ensures that your refrigerator is freed up and you can place other things or just leave it open like so.

5 Gas SABAF Euro Type Pool Burners

It features 4 gas burners with Euro type design and this makes you have more than enough for your cooking. In addition, it includes SABAF burners known for their performance and efficiency. Lastly, cast iron grids provide stability and durability.

Simfer 5 Gas Cooker-9506NEI Adjustable Feet

These are small components located at the bottom of the cooker chassis or base. Furthermore, the feet can be adjusted to change the height and level of the cooker on the floor or countertop. Lastly, they offer stability, leveling, alignment, ventilation, and facilitating maintenance.

Triple Wok Burner 3.6 Kw

  • A triple-wok burner is designed to provide heat output ad is ideal for cooking in woks or any cooking that requires intense heat. Furthermore, it consists of burner rings placed closely together, allowing better heat distribution.
  • 3. kW is the amount of heat energy that this burner can be able to generate. In addition, this is a higher kW rating meaning that it is powerful and can heat your pan in the shortest time possible.

Simfer 5 Gas Cooker-9506NEI Turnspit

The good thing about the turnspit consists of a skewer or rod that passes through the center of the food. Secondly, the skewer is secured to the sides of the oven cavity, and the motorized mechanism rotates the skewer at a slow steady pace.

Electric Oven 0+6 Functions

9506NEI electric oven offers 0+6 functions, allowing for a wide range of cooking methods. As I have said before, whether it is a cake, cookies, chicken, or beef it is here to cater to whatever need that is.

Double Glass Oven Door

The double glass oven door design helps to retain heat and prevent the outer surface from becoming too hot.

Oven Tray and Grid

The included oven tray and grid provide options for cooking and baking different types of dishes.

Simfer 5 Gas Cooker-9506NEI Glass top lid

It comes with a glass top lid that adds some class to your kitchen and is also very easy to clean and polish. Furthermore, when the cooker is not in use it covers it for some protection and still gives a sense of neatness.

Flap-Open Drawer Lid

It does refer to a flap style-lid on a storage compartment famously known as the drawer. In addition, the drawer is located at the side of the oven ensuring you can store some essentials there.

AUTO Ignition

It is time to say goodbye to matches and here is why we have the boast to make such a statement. What’s more, the hob comes with an ignition feature, making it easy to start the burners without the need for a lighter or match.

Simfer 5 Gas Cooker-9506NEI Oven Lamp

It illuminates the oven’s interior. Furthermore, this allows you to be able to check that is monitor the progress of your cooking.

FFD (Flame Failure Device) for Hobs

Automatically the flame goes off the FFD kick making sure that safety is secured. Moreover, the gas supply will be shut off when the flame goes off this means we are avoiding unnecessary accidents.

Half Inox (Sides Are Silver Color Painted)

“Inox” is often used to describe stainless steel. The cooker is likely made of stainless steel on the front, while the sides are painted in a silver color.

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Simfer 5 Gas Cooker-9506NEI

KSh 97,595.00

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