Samsung 362L Refrigerator- RT44K5552S8

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  • Capacity: 363L
  • No frost top-mounted Refrigerator
  • Digital inverter compressor (10 years compressor warranty)
  • Twin cooling plus
  • Convertible freezer
  • Power freeze mode
  • Power cool mode
  • In-built cool pack]
  • Moveable twist ice tray
  • Large vegetable box
  • Chiller compartment
  • Multi storage basket
  • Deodorising filter
  • LED light in fridge compartment
  • External temperature control panel
  • Recessed handle
  • Silver finish

Samsung 362L Refrigerator- RT44K5552S8 ?is an illustration of a worthy refrigerator. It comes with a 362L capacity, Twin Cooling Plus, Digital Invert Technology, and 5 conversion modes that produce flexible storage. Buy Samsung 362L Refrigerator- RT44K5552S8 at Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

Samsung 362L Refrigerator- RT44K5552S8 5 Conversion Modes

This Samsung Refrigerator has five conversion modes that provide satisfaction when it comes to flexible storage. You are accordingly able to easily convert your freezer into a fridge and keep all the fresh food that is required to be stored for your needs. You are also able to switch to off mode so as to save energy as per need.

Deodorizing Filter

The deodorizing filter helps eliminate unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator, ensuring that your food remains fresh and odor-free.

Large Vegetable Box

The large vegetable box provides ample space for storing fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh for an extended period.

Samsung 362L Refrigerator- RT44K5552S8 Digital Inverter Technology

Samsung RT44K5552S8 is Smarter & durable and allows long-lasting performance while creating energy efficiency of up to 50%. Moreover, it provides precise temperature and less noise which is contrary to a conventional compressor.

The Digital Inverter Compressor utilizes the smart sensors and gradually speeds up and slows down in response to the cooling requirements. Through speed adjustments, it succumbs to less wear and tear thus making it durable as well as less noisy during operation.

Odor Free Frozen Food

Deliciously tasty, odor-free frozen foods are the giveaways of the Samsung RT44K5552S8. The Twin Cooling Plus feature easily cools the compartments separately and stops odors from spreading between the fridge and freezer. Your frozen food therefore maintains its original flavor.

Moisture Full Freshness

Moisture Full Freshness is filled all over Samsung RT44K5552S8 thanks to the Twin Cooling Plus feature. Compared to a 30% rate in a conventional TMF, this refrigerator comes with 70% humidity which creates a favorable environment for preserving fresh food. What?s more, your produce remains fresher for longer without drying out.

Samsung 362L Refrigerator- RT44K5552S8 Fast Freeze & Cool

This refrigerator allows you to create ice and chill beverages by consequently delivering intensely old air so as to freeze and cool. On the whole, by simply touching a button, Power Freeze allows freezing or firming up of frozen food and making ice. Furthermore, Power Cool allows hastened chills of food and drinks.

Antibacterial Protector

The air in your refrigerator remains hygienically clean and fresh thanks to the Anti-Bacterial Protector. The Activated Carbon filter passes air thus making it constantly sterilized and deodorized. Furthermore, the anti-bacterial mesh eliminates bacteria.

Clearly See Everything Inside

Contrastingly to conventional lighting, high-efficiency LED lighting is slimmer, cooler, and more power-efficient. Positioned on the top, it ensures better visibility by beautifully and brilliantly illuminating every corner.


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Samsung 362L Refrigerator- RT44K5552S8