Royal SubWoofer-RL502

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  • Power Output 20W + 6W x2
  • Frequency: 40KHz ? 250KHz
  • Satellite:250KHz ? 20KHz
  • Bluetooth
  • FM Radio

Royal SubWoofer-RL502 is a speaker system with subwoofer and satellite speakers, designed for audio playback. Buy Royal SubWoofer-RL502 at Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

Royal SubWoofer-RL502 Power Output

The subwoofer operates at 20 watts while the satellite speakers each at 6 watts of power. What’s more, the total energy is the combination of the subwoofer and satellite speakers meaning you get to have a unique powerful sound.

Frequency Range

The frequency range indicates the audio spectrum that the speaker system can reproduce. Moreover, the subwoofer handles lower frequencies (bass), while the satellite speakers cover mid-range and higher frequencies.

Impactful Home Theater

In-home theater systems and subwoofers play a crucial role in creating a cinematic and immersive experience. What’s more, they reproduce the deep rumbling sounds in action scenes and enhance the overall impact of movie soundtracks.

Bass Extension

The most incredible thing when it comes to subwoofers it is the response it give when it comes to audio systems. Moreover, it ensures that the deepest bass notes and rumble explosions are amazingly projected.

Royal SubWoofer-RL502 Bluetooth

SubWoofer-RL502 has inclusion of Bluetooth allows one to wirelessly connect compatible devices with the speaker such as smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, this does enable one to be able to stream audio from your device without needing cables.

FM Radio

RL502 has a built-in FM radio functionality that allows you to listen to FM radio stations directly through the speaker system. As I have said, the perk is that this is an easy feature that allows one to access your favorite radio shows and presenters.

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Royal SubWoofer-RL502

KSh 4,600.00

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