Remington Rotary Shaver-R0050

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  • Dual track blades provide 50% more coverage*
  • Flexing cutters to adapt to facial contours
  • Removable shave head for easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Triple action shave head
  • Corded usage
  • Dry usage
  • Compact size and removable power cord for easy storage
  • Universal voltage

Remington Rotary Shaver-R0050 is a versatile grooming tool designed for efficient and comfortable shaving. Buy Remington Rotary Shaver-R0050 from Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya

Dual Track Blades

The shaver is equipped with dual track blades that provide 50% more coverage, ensuring a thorough and efficient shave.

Remington Rotary Shaver-R0050 Flexing Cutters

R0050 Series Rotary Shaver adapts to the contours of your face, ensuring a comfortable and precise shave. Even in hard-to-reach areas be rest assured that the shave is here for you.

Removable Shave Head

The shaved head is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the hygiene and longevity of the shaver. Because it is removable, one can rest assured nothing unclean will hide to cause later effects.

Triple Action Shave Head

If you are in the such for a smoother and more efficient shaving then look no more since the R0050 shaver is here to give you just that. What’s more, the triple action shave head enhances shaving performance giving you the mentioned experience.

Remington Rotary Shaver-R0050 Corded

The clipper operates using a corded connection to a power source, ensuring consistent power during use. Unlike the F4000 AND R5000 which were cordless, the R0050 decided to go a different route.

Removable Power Cord

The power cord is removable, allowing for easy and space-saving storage when not in use.

Remington Rotary Shaver-R0050Universal Voltage

The shaver is designed to work with different voltage levels, making it suitable for use while traveling internationally. You are able to move with your shaver despite what part of the world you are traveling to

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Remington Rotary Shaver-R0050