Ramtons Steam Iron RM-584 (Red)

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  • Steam 2400 Watts
  • Nonstick soleplate
  • Spray function
  • Capacity of the tank:320ml
  • Mechanical temperature control
  • Dry Iron Function
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Ramtons Steam Iron RM-584 (Red) is a powerful steam iron with a 2400-watt heating element, designed to efficiently remove wrinkles from various types of fabric.

Power Rating

Ramtons Steam Iron RM-584 operates at 2400 Watts. Furthermore, this provides sufficient heat that can remove wrinkles from your clothes effectively.

Steam Iron Power and Efficiency

The Ramtons Steam Iron RM-584’s 2400-watt power rating denotes its high heating capacity, which translates to rapid heat-up times and effective steam generation. Furthermore, this power level works well with a variety of fabric types, including thick materials that need more heat to properly iron out wrinkles.

Non-Stick Soleplate

The soleplate has a non-stick coating that makes it simple to move over clothing without scuffing or adhering. Furthermore, your clothing will stay wrinkle-free and silky thanks to this function.

Spray Function and Moisture Control

The integrated spray function on the Ramtons Steam Iron RM-584 allows users to apply a fine mist of water onto stubborn wrinkles, providing targeted moisture to aid in smoothing out creases. Furthermore, this feature is particularly useful for handling tough wrinkles or when dealing with dry fabrics that benefit from a light spritz of water to ease the ironing process.

Tank Capacity and Continuous Ironing

The RM-584 steam iron’s 320ml tank provides enough water storage for lengthy ironing sessions without the need for frequent refills. What’s more, This larger tank capacity minimizes interruptions during ironing tasks, making it more convenient and efficient for users who need to finish multiple garments or larger loads of laundry in one sitting.

Mechanical Temperature Control

Users can manually modify the heat settings using the mechanical temperature control feature to the unique needs of various fabrics. Additionally, this degree of control is advantageous for protecting fragile materials and guaranteeing the right amount of heat for more durable fabrics that need higher temperatures to effectively remove wrinkles.

Dry Iron Function and Versatility

The RM-584 steam iron has a dry iron function in addition to steam, making it versatile for a range of ironing requirements. Furthermore, with the help of this feature, users can alternate between steam and dry ironing modes according to the needs of a particular garment or their preferred fabric.

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Ramtons Steam Iron RM-584 (Red)

KSh 3,700.00KSh 4,500.00 (-18%)

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