Ramtons Induction Cooker + Non Stick Pan – RM/381

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  • Power: 200-2000 watts
  • Temperature: 60-240C
  • 24 hour preset function
  • Sensor switch
  • Anti-magnetic leakage technology
  • Over-heat protection
  • Black crystal glass panels
  • 3 hours timer function
  • Child lock
  • Wide voltage supported design
  • High thermal efficiency, save energy by 50%

Ramtons Induction Cooker + Free Non-Stick 24cm pan inside-RM/381 is a kitchen appliance that provides a convenient and energy-efficient way of cooking. Buy Ramtons Induction Cooker + Non-Stick Pan – RM/381 from Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

About it

The combination of an induction cooker with a free non-stick pan offers a complete cooking solution that is efficient, safe, and versatile. Undeniably, The induction cooker provides quick and precise cooking, while the non-stick pan ensures easy food release and effortless cleaning.

Induction Cooker

It uses electromagnetic induction technology to heat the cooking vessel directly vis-a-vis rather than relying on traditional heating elements. Equally important, this results in faster and more efficient cooking as the heat is generated directly in the pan.

Ramtons Induction Cooker Energy Efficient

Induction cookers are known for their energy efficiency since they only heat the area in contact with the cooking vessel. In addition, this minimizes heat loss and saves energy.

Precise Temperature Control

The best thing about this is that it offers precise temperature control. Moreover, this allows for accurate cooking and preventing heating.

Free Non-Stick 24cm Pan

The package includes a non-stick pan with a 24cm diameter, which is suitable for various cooking tasks and easy to clean.

Versatile Cooking

With the included pan you can cook a wide range of dishes. Indeed, you can use it to stir-fries omelets, and more.

Compact and Portable

This induction cooker is compact and lightweight. Furthermore, making it portable and suitable for small kitchens or when you want to have outdoor cooking.

Ramtons Induction Cooker Easy to Clean

Both the induction cooker and the non-stick pan are easy to clean, making cooking and clean-up hassle-free.

Anti-magnetic leakage technology

Anti-magnetic leakage technology in an induction cooker is a safety feature designed to prevent electromagnetic interference and radiation leakage during the cooking process. Definitely, It ensures that the electromagnetic fields generated by the induction cooker remain contained within the cooking zone.

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Ramtons Induction Cooker + Non Stick Pan - RM/381

KSh 8,200.00

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