Nutricook Smart Pot Pressure Cooker-NC-SP208K

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  • 11 safety mechanisms
  • 12 customizable preset programs
  • Power Output: 1200W
  • Stainless steel inner pot
  • Cooks up to 70% faster
  • Sleek design
  • What?s included: steam rack, soup spoon, rice paddle, measuring cup, user guide
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Nutricook Smart Pot Pressure Cooker-NC-SP208K?? is a versatile kitchen appliance that simplifies cooking and saves time, thanks to its customizable preset and quick cooking capabilities. Buy Nutricook Smart Pot Pressure Cooker-NC-SP208K from Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

Nutricook Smart Pot Capacity

This pressure cooker has an 8-liter capacity, providing ample space for cooking large meals or batches of food. Furthermore, in case you have a large gathering one thing you know is that in one sitting you can be able to cook at once saving time and energy.

Safety Mechanisms

It includes 11 safety mechanisms, which ensure safe operation during the cooking process. Moreover, these mechanisms are designed to prevent accidents and ensure that the cooker operates reliably.

Customizable Presets

The pressure cooker offers 12 customizable preset programs, allowing you to easily cook a wide variety of dishes with precise settings. As I have shown, with 12 customizable what is there to limit you in exploring different dishes

Nutricook Smart Pot Power Output

NC-SP208K? has a power output of 1200 watts (1200W), which provides the necessary heat to cook food quickly and efficiently.

Stainless Steel Inner Pot

It comes with a material that out here makes sure that you get your money’s worth. In addition, the stainless steel inner pot is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to staining. It’s an excellent material for cooking a wide range of recipes.

Fast Cooking

It is designed to cook food up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods, making it a time-saving kitchen appliance. Moreover, this saves you time and not just time but a huge electricity bill.

Sleek Design

The sleek design adds a modern and stylish touch to your kitchen.

Nutricook Smart Pot Accessories

Steam Rack

The steam rack is useful for steaming vegetables, seafood, or other foods. Whatever you need to steam the rack is here to make it easy for you without any difficulty whatsoever.

Soup Spoon

The soup spoon is designed for easy serving of soups and stews.

Rice Paddle

NC-SP208K rice paddle is ideal for fluffing and serving rice. What’s more, it is the best instrument when it comes to carrying rice all over giving you ease.

Measuring Cup: The measuring cup helps you accurately measure ingredients for your recipes.

User Guide

The user guide provides instructions on how to use the pressure cooker effectively and safely.

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Nutricook Smart Pot Pressure Cooker-NC-SP208K

KSh 22,500.00KSh 23,500.00 (-4%)

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