Nunix Twin-tub washing machine-NU75-2001

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  • Model: NU75-2001
  • Washing Capacity: 7.5 Kg
  • Spin Dry Capacity: 6Kg
  • Dimensions: 780x460x845mm
  • Wash input: 360 W
  • Color: White
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Nunix Twin-tub washing machine-NU75-2001 is a type of laundry appliance that offers the convenience of two separate tubs for washing and spinning clothes. Buy Nunix Twin-tub washing machine-NU75-2001 Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

Twin Tubs

This washing machine features two separate tubs ? one for washing and the other for spinning. Furthermore, the twin tub design allows you to wash one load of laundry while simultaneously spinning another, making the laundry process efficient.

7.5kg Capacity

The washing machine has a washing capacity of 7.5kg, which means it can handle a considerable amount of laundry in each wash cycle. Additionally, this capacity is suitable for medium to large-sized households.

Nunix Twin-tub White Color

It comes in a white color, providing a clean and classic look that can easily fit into various home decor. What’s more, white is a color of elegance and commands attention yet still is able to blend in with the room.

Manual Operation

This Twin tub washing machine has manual controls, where you manually set the washing and spinning time. In fact, it also can control water levels and other settings based on your preference.

Nunix Twin-tub Strong Water Stream

The washing machine usually comes with separate water inlets for the washing and spinning tubs, allowing you to control the water levels independently. Evidently, It also has a drainage hose for removing used water.

Energy and Water Efficiency

Twin-tub washing machines are generally considered more water-efficient compared to top-loading washers, as you can reuse water from the washing tub for the spinning tub. Definitely, if you can save some cash on batteries then why not go ahead and take that option?

Nunix Twin-tub Washing Agitator

The washing tub typically includes an agitator or pulsator that helps to agitate and clean the clothes effectively. Undeniably, clothes after going through the process not only come out clean but also really protected.


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Nunix Twin-tub washing machine-NU75-2001

KSh 21,500.00KSh 23,800.00 (-10%)

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