Nunix 7.5KG Semi-Auto Washing Machine NU75-2001

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  • Washing Capacity: 7.5 Kg
  • Spin Dry Capacity: 6Kg
  • Semi-Auto
  • Energy Efficient
  • Dimensions: 780x460x845mm
  • Wash input: 360 W

Nunix 7.5KG Semi-Auto Washing Machine NU75-2001 is a household appliance designed to provide efficient and convenient laundry solutions. With a washing capacity of 7.5 kg and a spin dry capacity of 6 kg, this washing machine is suitable for medium-sized households.


With the washing machine’s 7.5kg twin tub capacity, you can wash two loads of laundry at once. People who have a lot of laundry to do or large families will find this feature especially helpful. On the other hand, the spin dry capacity of 6 kg is adequate for the majority of laundry needs in the home.

Energy Efficient

Its energy-efficient design ensures that it consumes minimal power while delivering optimal performance. What’s more, with the state of the economy right now one needs a device that makes your life easy and saves you some coins.


Nunix 7.5KG Semi-Auto Washing Machine NU75-2001 is semi automatic meaning that it allows users to control the washing and spinning cycles based on their preferences. In brief, you are not limited by the controls of the machine rather you can set yourself to your preference.

Washing and Drying

The 7.5 kg washing capacity enables efficient cleaning of moderate to large loads of laundry, while the 6 kg spin dry capacity facilitates effective drying after the wash cycle.

Control Panel

The control panel features three software keys that facilitate the selection of different washing programs. Furthermore, it provides flexibility that can accommodate various fabric types and soil levels.

Washing Temperatures

Users can choose from multiple washing temperatures to suit the specific requirements of different fabrics and soiling levels.

Timer Functions

Nunix 7.5kg Twin Tub Washing Machine- NU10-2009 includes timers for both the washing and drying process. In brief, it does allow users to be able to set precise durations for each cycle and you can go about other chores or duties around your home.

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Nunix 7.5KG Semi-Auto Washing Machine NU75-2001

KSh 21,500.00KSh 26,000.00 (-17%)

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