Mika 10Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine MWM12110

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  • 10kg
  • Semi Automatic Top Load
  • Twin Tub (Wash & Spin)
  • 2 Wash program
  • Easy Water Inlet Selection Switch
  • Rust Free Plastic Body
  • Coins & Rat Proof Base
  • Surging Wave Pulsator
  • Spin Air Dry Function
  • Wash Timer
  • Spin Timer
  • Buzzer
  • White & Blue

Mika 10KG Twin Tub Washing Machine-MWM12110 is a machine that is here to make work easier for you while at the same time being kind to your clothes. Buy Mika 10KG Washing Machine-MWM12110 from Homelink at the best price in Kenya.


This washing machine requires some manual intervention during the washing process. Furthermore, it is a middle ground between fully automatic and manual washing machines

Twin Tub (Wash & Spin)

This design includes separate tubs for washing and spinning that are not found in most washing machines. Furthermore. it allows one to wash one load while spinning another simultaneously.

2 Wash Programs

The washing machine offers two different wash programs tailored to different types of laundry. Moreover, this is a good thing since it gives one room to be flexible and cater to different washing needs.

Easy Water Inlet Selection Switch

This feature allows you to easily select the water inlet for filling the tub, based on your water source. In conclusion, the feature is particularly useful in areas where you have access to different water supply options, such as tap water or a bucket of water.

Rust-Free Plastic Body

Say goodbye to losses that are brought about by rust and say hello to rust-free material. You get to have durability and longevity thanks to this washing machine that has a plastic body meaning rust-free.

Surging Wave Pulsator

It’s a feature designed to enhance the washing performance and efficiency of the machine

  • Water Movement Simulation: The surging wave pulsator creates a pulsating and swirling water motion within the washing machine’s drum. This motion simulates the natural movement of water waves and currents.
  • Improved Washing: The dynamic water movement helps to loosen and agitate the clothes more effectively. This leads to better detergent penetration, which results in more thorough cleaning.

Spin Air Dry Function

After washing, the machine’s spin cycle helps to remove excess water from the clothes. Furthermore, it makes sure that your clothes tend to dry faster than others since the water has been removed.

Wash Timer and Spin Timer

Another amazing feature that came with the Mika 10Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine MWM12110 is having separate timers for each function. What’s more, you have a timer for washing and spinning cycles allowing one to have enough control.


The built-in buzzer provides an audible signal when a cycle is completed, making it convenient to keep track of your laundry progress.

Rust & Coin Free

Rust-Free Plastic Body: The washing machine is built with a rust-free plastic body. It is furthermore, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Coins & Rat Proof Base: The base of the washing machine is designed to be resistant to damage from coins and rat interference.

Energy Efficient

Semi-automatic machines tend to be more energy and water-efficient compared to top-load fully automatic machines since you have more control over the amount of water used.

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Mika 10Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine MWM12110

KSh 36,995.00KSh 41,995.00 (-12%)

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