LG Washing Machine TT P1401RONL 9KG

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  • Capacity: 9KG
  • Roller jet Pulsator
  • 3 was program
  • Rat away Technology
  • User interface
  • Great Technology

LG Washing Machine TT P1401RONL 9KG is a twin tub washing machine holding a capacity of 9kg. Order the LG Washing Machine TT P1401RONL 9KG from Homelink at the best price in Kenya and have it delivered.

LG Washing Machine TT Roller Jet Pulsator

To improve the washing performance of LG washing machines, a washing mechanism called the Roller Jet Pulsator was developed. in addition, It combines the use of rollers with a distinct pulsating motion.

Secondly, Better cleaning outcomes are ensured by the full agitation and movement of the laundry inside the drum. Because as a result of this pulsating activity.

3 Wash Program

LG Washing Machine TT P1401RONL 9KG has a three-wash program. What we mean by a three-wash program is. Firstly For delicate fabrics and clothing that need a more gentle washing action, the Gentle wash program is created. To avoid causing harm to delicate fabrics and to guarantee that they are handled with care, it often uses less agitation and slower spin speeds.

3 Wash Program: Gentle, Normal, Strong1

Secondly, The default setting for doing laundry on a daily basis is the Normal wash program. It is appropriate for routine loads of mixed fabrics and typical soil levels since it offers a balanced mixture of washing agitation and spin speed.

Lastly, The Strong Wash program is intended for heavily soiled items or stubborn stains. It employs more vigorous agitation and higher spin speeds to tackle tough dirt and grime effectively.

Rat Away Technology

This is not to say that one has rats but prevention is better than cure. Therefore the Rat Away Technology is designed to prevent rodents and pests from damaging or nesting inside the refrigerator. It is especially useful in regions where rodent infestations are common.

Rat Away Technology1

The process entails coating the back of the refrigerator with a particular material or coating. Moreover, this coating serves as a barrier of protection, keeping rats away from or away from the electrical parts of the refrigerator.

LG Washing Machine TT User Interface

The top of the washing machine features a control panel where you can choose the wash programs you want and change the parameters.


Modern technologies are frequently incorporated into LG washing machines. This will include TurboWash technology for quicker and more effective washing and Inverter Direct Drive, in turn, guarantees quiet and energy-efficient operation.


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LG Washing Machine TT P1401RONL 9KG

KSh 45,995.00

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