LG Dish Washer- DFB425FP 14PS

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  • Capacity: 14pcs
  • TrueSteam
  • 10-year limited warranty on the Direct Drive Motor
  • Turbo Cycle
  • Easy Height Adjustment
  • QuadWash
  • LG SmartThinQ
  • Machine Clean Reminder.

LG Dish Washer- DFB425FP 14PS is a high-quality dishwasher with several advanced features designed to make dishwashing more efficient and convenient. Buy LG Dish Washer- DFB425FP 14PS at Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.


LG Dish Washer- DFB425FP 14PS?has an amazing capacity of up to 14 place settings. Furthermore, this makes it more than suitable when it comes to larger households and families. Lastly, it makes work really easier around the home on those days.


The most brilliant thing about the 14PS D/Washer is that it comes in color silver. Moreover, silver is such a statement color that makes it its job to stand out and at the same time blend in.


The TrueSteam feature is designed to provide sparkling dishes with fewer water spots. Furthermore, it helps to improve drying performance and the overall cleanliness of your dishes.

Sparkling Dishes, Less Water Spots*<br>3

Machine Clean Reminder

LG – has The dishwasher features a Machine Clean Reminder. Indeed, it indicates when it’s time to run a cleaning cycle to keep the dishwasher fresh and performing optimally.

Inverter Direct Drive Motor

DFB425FP 14PS is equipped with an Inverter Direct Drive motor, which comes with a 10-year warranty. What’s more, this motor technology provides quiet and reliable operation while delivering precise control over the wash cycle.

Quad Wash Technology

This is a feature that includes four lower spraying arms to ensure thorough and even coverage of dishes and utensils. Furthermore, this technology helps to improve cleaning performance.

Smart Diagnosis

The dishwasher has a Smart Diagnosis feature that allows you to quickly diagnose and potentially troubleshoot issues. What’s more, it does this using the built-in diagnosis option.

Smart ThinQ Technology

With Smart ThinQ technology, you can connect the dishwasher to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, this enables remote monitoring and control via a mobile app, allowing you to start or pause wash cycles, receive notifications, and more.

Innovation for a Smarter, Connected Home<br>1

Free Astonish Dishwasher Tablets

This offer includes free Astonish dishwasher tablets, Furthermore, providing you with a convenient way to get started with your dishwasher. Lastly, who will not love an easy way of cleaning their dishwasher?

Turbo Cycle

This feature is here to tackle the hard stains that tend to be infuriating at times. In conclusion, Turbo Cycle is a fast wash cycle that cleans hard-soiled dishes in less than an hour, providing quick and efficient cleaning for your dishes.


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LG Dish Washer- DFB425FP 14PS

KSh 156,595.00

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