Hisense Refrigerator 176L-REF176DR

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  • Capacity: 176L
  • Water Dispenser: Yes
  • Door: Yes
  • Low Noise: Yes
  • Color Silver
  • Frost: Yes
  • Single Door: Yes

Hisense REF176DR 176L Refrigerator. It has safety glass shelves at a capacity of 176L. Buy Hisense REF176DR 176L Refrigerator from Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.


With the freezer section at the top and the refrigerator compartment below it, the Hisense REF094DR ?176L has a total capacity of 94 liters. The arrangement makes it simple to access frequently used refrigerated items.

Temperature Control

The remarkable thing about the Hisense Refrigerator is it comes with a temperature control feature. Moreover, it allows one to adjust the temperature setting for fresh food and freezer compartments.

Hisense REF176DR 176L Refrigerator Design

Its designed elegantly to fit in seamlessly with the premium interior decor, thus, elevating the modern aesthetic of your home. Secondly, The Reversible door design makes accessibility easier since it can be adjusted to open from the left or right at your convenience.

Water Dispenser

It is a convenient feature that allows one to access chilled water directly from the front of the fridge without having to open the door. Meanwhile, It is typically located on the exterior of the refrigerator’s door.

Hisense REF176DR 176L Refrigerator Safety Glass Shelves

These shelves are designed to hold and support food items and containers securely while also providing a clear view of the contents inside the refrigerator. Moreover, the Safety glass shelves are less likely to break or shatter if something heavy is accidentally dropped on them, making them safer for everyday use in a household setting.

Recessed handle

When speaking about a recessed handle it refers to a handle design. In addition, it is inset or set back into the door of the refrigerator. Instead of protruding out from the front of the door, a recessed handle is designed to be flush with or slightly indented into the surface of the door.

Hisense REF176DR 176L Refrigerator Cool Extend

This is a feature found in the refrigerator meaning that in case of a power shortage or something it is cool. In addition, the refrigerator has the ability to maintain low temperatures and extend cooling retention time for 30 hours.

Energy Efficiency

The refrigerator may include energy-saving features like effective insulation, LED lighting, and cutting-edge cooling systems. Bosch appliances frequently place a high priority on energy efficiency. To ensure optimal energy consumption, look for an energy rating or energy-efficient features. An energy-efficient fridge is the best thing that you can have in this economy.


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Hisense Refrigerator 176L-REF176DR

KSh 37,999.00KSh 39,999.00 (-5%)

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