Hisense 4+2 Cooker -HF942GEES

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  • Matt Finish
  • Auto-Ignition
  • Double-Layer Glass Door
  • Storage Compartment
  • Easy-Clean Interior
  • 90x90cm dimension
  • Electric oven
  • 6 Functions
  • Wok Burner
  • Flame Failure Device

Hisense 4+2 Cooker -HF942GEES is a 4-burner gas & 2 electric stoves with various features and specifications designed to enhance your cooking experience. Buy Hisense 4+2 Cooker -HF942GEES from Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

Matt Finish

The stove’s exterior has a matte finish, which can add a sleek and modern look to your kitchen while being easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, everyone tends to enjoy a device that makes your work easier.


This feature allows for easy and convenient ignition of the gas burners without the need for external ignition sources.

Double-Layer Glass Door

The oven is equipped with a double-layer glass door. What’s more, the double-layer doors help in retaining heat inside the oven while keeping the outer surface cooler to the touch for safety.

Storage Compartment

The stove includes a storage compartment, which is typically located at the bottom. Furthermore, this compartment can be used to store pots, pans, or other kitchen accessories, helping to keep your kitchen organized.

Easy-Clean Interior

The interior of the oven is designed for easy cleaning, which is particularly important as ovens can accumulate grease and food residues over time.

90x90cm Dimension

Hisense 4+2 Cooker -HF942GEES comes with a dimension of 90x90cm which is a good fit for all standing. Furthermore, it helps one to get a rough idea of whether the stove will fit in your kitchen space or not.

Electric Oven

HF942GEES?features an electric oven, which provides precise temperature control for baking and roasting. In addition, electric ovens have a high reputation when it comes to giving consistency and ensuring you have even heating.

6 Functions

The oven offers six different cooking functions, which may include baking, broiling, roasting, and more. Furthermore, these functions do offer flexibility when it comes to fulfilling one’s various cooking needs.

Wok Burner

A wok burner is designed for high-heat cooking and is ideal for stir-frying and other cooking that require intense heat. As I have said, considering the perks that come with that the best thing is that this cooker offers you such.

Flame Failure Device

The flame failure device is a safety feature that automatically cuts off the gas supply if the flame on the burners goes out. Furthermore, this helps prevent gas leaks and potential hazards.

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Hisense 4+2 Cooker -HF942GEES

KSh 63,800.00KSh 68,995.00 (-8%)

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