Haier Microwave 20L Oven 700W – HMW20MWK

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  • Compact size 20L Capacity
  • Manual Control
  • 4 Power Level
  • Defrost function
  • 30min Timer
  • White in Colour
  • Knob Control for Timer and Power Level
  • 700 Watts Power

The Haier Microwave 20L HMW20MWK is a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance that brings convenience to your cooking experience. With its compact design and powerful features, this microwave is perfect for small kitchens, dorm rooms, or any space where saving counter space is essential.

Efficient Cooking:

The HMW20MWK microwave offers a power output of 700 watts, allowing you to quickly and efficiently cook or reheat your favorite meals. Whether you need to warm up leftovers, defrost frozen food, or cook a quick snack, this microwave delivers consistent and even heating for delicious results.

Spacious Capacity:

With a capacity of 20 liters, this microwave provides ample space to accommodate various dish sizes. Whether you’re reheating a plate of leftovers or preparing a family-sized meal, you can easily fit your food inside the microwave without sacrificing cooking performance.

Multiple Cooking Options:

The HMW20MWK features multiple cooking options to cater to your specific needs. It offers different power levels, allowing you to adjust the cooking intensity according to your preference. Additionally, it comes with pre-set cooking programs for popular food items such as popcorn, pizza, and beverages, making it easier to achieve the perfect results with just a press of a button.

User-Friendly Interface:

The microwave features an easy-to-use control panel with intuitive buttons and a clear digital display. The control panel allows you to select the desired cooking time, power level, and cooking mode with ease. The digital display provides clear visibility of the selected settings, making it convenient to monitor and adjust as needed.

Time and Energy Saving:

The HMW20MWK microwave includes a convenient timer function, allowing you to set the cooking time accurately. This feature helps prevent overcooking or undercooking your food, ensuring optimal results every time. Additionally, with its efficient power output, this microwave helps you save energy by minimizing electricity consumption.

Safety Features:

Haier prioritizes safety in its appliances, and the HMW20MWK microwave is no exception. It is equipped with a child lock function, preventing accidental use or tampering by children. This feature provides peace of mind, especially in households with young children.

Easy Maintenance:

Cleaning the HMW20MWK microwave is a breeze. The interior features an easy-to-clean coating that resists stains and food splatters, making it simple to wipe clean. The removable turntable can also be easily taken out and cleaned separately, ensuring hygiene and keeping your microwave in pristine condition.

Sleek and Modern Design:

The Haier Microwave 20L HMW20MWK boasts a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Its compact size and white exterior blend seamlessly with various kitchen decors, making it a stylish addition to your countertop or kitchen cabinet.

In conclusion, the Haier Microwave 20L HMW20MWK offers efficient cooking, a spacious capacity, multiple cooking options, user-friendly interface, safety features, and easy maintenance. Its compact size and sleek design make it a perfect choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile microwave for their kitchen. Simplify your cooking tasks and enjoy delicious meals with the Haier Microwave 20L HMW20MWK.

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Haier Microwave 20L Oven 700W - HMW20MWK

KSh 8,600.00KSh 9,400.00 (-9%)

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