Haier Kettle 1.7L -HKE7431

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  • Capacity 1.7L
  • With Both Side Water Gauge
  • Dry-boil protection
  • 360 Strix control
  • Cord Storage
  • 1850-2200W
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Haier Kettle 1.7L -HKE7431 is a kitchen appliance designed for quickly and conveniently boiling water. Buy Haier Kettle 1.7L -HKE7431 at Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

Capacity 1.7L

The kettle has a capacity of 1.7 liters, allowing you to boil a significant amount of water at once. Furthermore,? such kind of capacity does make sure that in one sitting you can boil more than enough water to use in your cooking or bathing.

Haier Kettle 1.7L -HKE7431 Both Side Water Gauge

It is equipped with a water gauge on both sides, making it easy to see the water level from various angles. Unquestionably, this makes sure that the user you are able to avoid overflowing the kettle and causing unnecessary spillage.

Dry-Boil Protection

Dry-boil protection is a safety feature that automatically turns off the kettle. As I said before if it detects that there’s not enough water inside it goes. Moreover, this helps prevent damage to the kettle and ensures safety.

360 Strix Control

Strix control is a type of thermostat that provides accurate temperature control for boiling water. Moreover, the 360-degree feature means you can place the kettle on its base in any direction and you do not need to be restricted.

Haier Kettle 1.7L -HKE7431 Cord Storage

The kettle comes with a cord storage feature that allows you to neatly store the cord when the kettle is not in use. Furthermore, this helps to keep your countertop organized. Lastly, no one wants to find themselves in any accidents and this feature makes sure that you are protected.


The kettle’s power rating ranges from 1850 to 2200 watts, which indicates how quickly it can boil water. In addition, this kind of power is great to show that your water will be able to get your water heated in the shortest time possible.

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Haier Kettle 1.7L -HKE7431

KSh 3,500.00KSh 4,000.00 (-13%)

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