Haier HEC3009-GS Steam Iron Box

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  • Non Stick Soleplate
  • Spray function
  • Dry Iron Function
  • Transparent Water Tank
  • Water Tank Capacity -320ml
  • 1000-1200W

Haier HEC3009-GS Steam Iron Box is a Purple steam iron with various features designed to make ironing tasks more efficient and effective. Buy Haier HEC3009-GS Steam Iron Box at Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

Spray Function

The spray function is a handy feature that allows you to spray a fine mist of water onto the fabric before ironing. Furthermore, this helps moisten and relax the fabric, making it easier to remove wrinkles and achieve a smooth finish.

Haier HEC3009-GS Steam Iron Dry Iron Function

In addition to steam ironing, this iron offers a dry iron function. What’s more, dry ironing is suitable for fabrics that do not require steam or when you prefer to use a dry iron.

Transparent Water Tank

Haier Steam Iron Box has a transparent water tank, that allows one to easily monitor the water level. Furthermore, this helps to make sure that you have sufficient water for steam ironing without running out during the process.

Haier HEC3009-GS Steam IronWater Tank Capacity

The water tank has a capacity of 320ml, providing ample water for steam-ironing multiple garments without frequent refills.


The iron has a power range of 1000-1200 watts. What’s more, the wattage indicates the iron’s heating capacity, which affects how quickly it can reach and maintain the desired temperature for effective ironing.

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Haier HEC3009-GS Steam Iron Box