Haier FREEZER-HCF-288HK 203L

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  • 100 Hours Cooling Retention
  • Wide voltage
  • Deep and fast freezing
  • Aluminium Inner
  • High-Efficiency Compressor
  • Organized Way to Store Food
  • Capacity: 203 liters
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Haier FREEZER-HCF-288HK 203L is a freezer from the Haier company that comes with some perks. It has 100 hours of cooling retention, a wide voltage compressor, and Deep and fast freezing.

100 hours of cooling retention

The “100 hours cooling retention” function often refers to the ability of a freezer to maintain a low temperature for up to 100 hours during a power outage. With the help of this feature, frozen foods kept in the freezer will be preserved.

Haier 203L Upright Chest Freezer HCF-288HK - Haier

During a power outage, the insulation and design of the freezer aid to trap the cold air within, slowing down the temperature rise. The period of chilling retention might vary based on elements such as the ambient temperature, insulation quality, and the effectiveness of the freezer.

Wide Voltage Compressor

A “wide voltage compressor” in a freezer refers to a compressor that is designed to operate effectively across a range of input voltages.

A wide voltage compressor as found in Haier FREEZER-HCF-288HK 203L is capable of handling changes in the input voltage without suffering any consequences to its performance. It is intended to work at a wider voltage range than ordinary compressors, supporting voltage differences that could happen in various locations or during an unstable electrical supply.

High-Efficiency Compressor

An element of a freezer known as a “high-efficiency compressor” is in charge of compressing refrigerant gas to raise its pressure and temperature, facilitating efficient heat transfer and cooling. A high-efficiency compressor is built to deliver effective and dependable cooling performance while minimizing energy usage.

Warm air enters the freezer through the open door, raising the temperature inside. After the door is shut, a high-efficiency compressor can swiftly recover and restore the low temperature, avoiding temperature swings and guaranteeing the food products stay adequately frozen.

Deep and fast freezing

Deep-freezing and fast-freezing freezers have improved cooling systems that may quickly drop the freezer’s internal temperature. As a result, food items freeze more quickly than they would in regular freezers, preventing the growth of huge ice crystals and keeping the dish’s flavor and texture.

By drastically lowering the temperature and averting potential deterioration, deep and quick freezing aids in decreasing the growth of bacteria and other microbes in food. For perishable goods that need exact temperature control, this is extremely crucial.

Aluminum Inner

The “aluminum inner” of the Haier HCF-288HK 203L freezer refers to the interior lining or inner walls of the freezer, which are composed of aluminum. Appliances like refrigerators are frequently made of aluminum, a lightweight and reliable material.

Haier 203L Upright Chest Freezer HCF-288HK - Haier

Due to its high thermal conductivity, aluminum will effectively transfer and distributes the freezer’s frigid temperatures. This can aid in maintaining an even and consistent cooling environment, ensuring that the frozen products in storage stay that way.

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Haier FREEZER-HCF-288HK 203L

KSh 44,999.00KSh 45,000.00 (-0%)

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