Haier Electric Blender with Grinder HBL-1008AK-CB

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  • Brand: Haier
  • 2-speed control with a pulse
  • 500W motor
  • 1.5 liters Jug
  • Dual Safety Lock
  • Anti-Slip Feet Design.

Haier Electric Blender with Grinder HBL-1008AK-CB is a versatile kitchen appliance designed to blend and grind various ingredients. Buy Haier Electric Blender with Grinder HBL-1008AK-CB at Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

2-Speed Control with Pulse

This feature allows you to control the blending speed according to your needs. There are many ingredients that get blended with different speeds and this is where the haier blended comes in. Furthermore, the pulse function provides short bursts of power for precise control over blending and grinding.

Haier Electric Blender 500W Motor

The motor power indicates the strength of the blender’s motor. Moreover, a 500W motor is capable of handling a range of tasks, from blending soft ingredients like fruits to grinding tougher items like spices.

1.5 Liters Jug

The blender comes with a jug or container with a capacity of 1.5 liters. In addition, this capacity is suitable for preparing larger batches of smoothies, soups, or other blended recipes. Lastly, when you have that large gathering or a big family in one blending you can be able to serve all.

Haier Electric Blender Dual Safety Lock

HBL-1008AK-CB the dual safety lock is a safety feature that ensures the blender cannot operate unless both the jug and lid are securely in place. Secondly, this feature is here to make sure that you together with your equipment are safe and free from any kind of accidents. by preventing any accidental spills or mishaps during operation.

Anti-Slip Feet Design

The anti-slip feet help stabilize the blender on your countertop while it’s in use. Whatmore, this design feature enhances safety and prevents the blender from moving around during operation.


It is a feature in Haier Electric Blender with Grinder HBL-1008AK-CB blenders that allows them to perform grinding tasks in addition to their primary blending function. Firstly, it has a grinding capability that is more than capable of grinding a variety of dry ingredients, such as coffee beans, and spices.


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Haier Electric Blender with Grinder HBL-1008AK-CB

KSh 4,395.00

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