Haier Cooker HOB-HOB-460FBT

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  • Nominal Power: 8.3kW
  • Triple Flame burner (1 / RR): 3800W
  • Normal-Semirapid burner (2 / FL-RL): 1750W
  • Auxiliary burner (1/FR): 1000W
  • Net Weight: 13.0kgs
  • Gross Weight: 14.5kgs
  • Built-in dimensions (WxD): 557x477mm
  • Net Dimensions (HxWxD): 110x580x510mm

Haier Cooker HOB-HOB-460FBT is a powerful and versatile cooking appliance designed for your kitchen. Buy Haier Cooker HOB-HOB-460FBT at Homelink Appliances at the best price in Kenya.

Haier Cooker HOB-HOB-460FBT Built-in Appliances

This cooker hob is designed to be built into your kitchen counter or cooking area. As I have said, it provides an integrated cooking solution for all your kitchen needs.

Nominal Power

HOB-460FBT has a high nominal power rating of 8.3kW, indicating its substantial cooking capacity. Furthermore, this suggests it can handle high-heat cooking tasks efficiently.

Haier Cooker HOB-HOB-460FBTBurner Configuration

Triple Flame Burner (Rear Right)

3800W is what you should rest assured that it is about to provide you with. Secondly, the burner is designed for high-heat tasks such as boiling or searing. Lastly, the term triple still suggests that it can provide intense heat for rapid cooking.

Normal-Semi rapid Burners (Front Left and Rear Left)

1750W is what each burner is going to give you. Furthermore, these burners are versatile and suitable for various cooking needs.

Auxiliary Burner (Front Right)

It offers a voltage of about 1000W. What’s more, this is a smaller burner that is designed for low-heat cooking tasks.

Haier Cooker HOB-HOB-460FBT Design

  • Built-In Dimensions (WxD): The recommended built-in dimensions for installation are 557mm in width and 477mm in depth.
  • Net Dimensions (HxWxD): The hob’s net dimensions, which represent its actual size, are 110mm in height, 580mm in width, and 510mm in depth
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Haier Cooker HOB-HOB-460FBT

KSh 39,800.00

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